Extraordinary punctuality and reliability through well-trained, motivated employees. Own, modern, equipped with mobile phone fleet, deliveries within 24 hours in the groupage transport area.

Personal customer service through close contacts of the management to the customers. Fulfillment of special customer wishes, absolute honesty.

Flexibility through deliveries within 24 hours in the groupage transport area, also late-shift duty of employees, flexible scheduling.
Deadline compliance through the use of dedicated and well-trained employees in scheduling, own modern fleet and tight project management.
Qualified and friendly employees through appropriate training and further education, supplemented by team-oriented work and periodic employee appraisals.
Reliable suppliers through the choice of punctual, up-to-date and innovation-ready suppliers.
Environmental awareness through the purchase of state-of-the-art trucks. In addition, responsible handling of dangerous goods.
Securing the company through growth-oriented management of the company to secure jobs. Active participation of all employees in the continuous improvement of the organizational system.